Drunk Russian Man Tank-Smashes Corner Store, Steals Wine

Think of cruising around in a stolen armored vehicle in an Eastern European country and GoldenEye probably comes to mind –nobody ever looked better annihilating a bunch of priceless stone architecture in a tank than Pierce Brosnan Bond did. But, apparently, that kind of incredible stunt sequence is no longer reserved for thrilling action flicks. It’s now happened in real life!

Comrades, may we present to you: Drunk Russian man stealing a tank, driving it through the streets of Apatity (in the Murmansk Oblast region), and then crashing it into a corner store so he can steal some wine.

The video, which comes via BoingBoing, was shared by Russia’s RT Network, and we know it’s not really the holiday season anymore, but this really is a wonderful little gift. Just like the wine the drunk Russian man stole.

It seems that the intoxicated man–who may or may not be military personnel, that’s unclear–stole the tank from a driving school focused on teaching conscripts how to drive these beasts, and then proceeded to pilot it into the nearby city, crush a small sedan, and finally smash it into a corner store’s window. Once the window was destroyed, he jumped out of the tank (seen in the video), and then was arrested as he was stealing his bottle of vino.

Luckily, the tank was completely stripped of weapons, and nobody was harmed during the making of this drunken, illegal booze run. It should still be stressed however that you should not drive while intoxicated. You should also not steal any 50+ ton vehicles and drive them through city streets.

What do you think about this drunk Russian man stealing a tank for his nighttime booze run? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: RT

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