Verizon Made a Car With Extendable Legs to Drive Over Traffic

Inspector Gadget’s Gadgetmobile was a terrific vehicle that could transform at will to meet its drivers needs. Such a thing obviously isn’t possible in real life…or at least that’s what we thought until we saw what Verizon just came out with ( via The Verge).

The modified SUV is called the Hum Rider, and it’s magnificent. For ages, man has tried to find ways to avoid traffic. Remember the car periscope from Curb Your Enthusiasm? Well, Verizon’s vehicle takes a different approach.The car can extend its long legs, which widen the vehicle to eight feet and place it above the traffic in front, about 11 feet high. Once that mode has been engaged, it’s just a matter of carefully driving over everything that’s in your way. This thing is a tank, by the way. Verizon says it features 300 feet of hydraulic lines that power just about everything, and it weighs 8,500 pounds, about twice the weight of your standard SUV.

As YouTube commenters have pointed out, there are a variety of issues with the car. For example, it seems that scraping other vehicles with the extendable legs or the bottom of the car would be very easy, and there are questions about the vehicle’s stability.

These problems aren’t significant, however, because the whole thing is just a viral marketing campaign for Hum. Verizon’s device plugs into your current vehicle and adds features like roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics, and stuff like that. So sadly, while the car itself appears to be real, we’ll never be able to drive it. Still, thanks for letting us dream, Verizon.

Featured image: Verizon

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