Drew Barrymore Channels M3GAN and Creeps Everyone Out

M3GAN has become a national obsession. The movie about a killer robot doll crossed the $100 million dollar mark at the box office recently, and has found new life as the subject of countless viral videos. It seems we were all waiting for a new caustic killer robot doll to come into our lives, and the Model 3 Generative Android filled that void. Annabelle and Chucky who? Now, iconic actress and interviewer Drew Barrymore got in on the M3GAN love fest on her talk show, and donned the wig and outfit of the murder doll on her talk show. Her guest was the M3GAN‘s human star, Allison Williams. And as you can see in the video down below, things got appropriately creepy—and awkwardly hilarious.

We’re honestly not sure what is more disturbing, the M3GAN from the movie, or Drew Barrymore in full M3GAN drag. When Drew does the M3GAN crawl on all fours across the set, we appreciate her commitment to character. Williams seems genuinely creeped out by Drew, and we don’t blame her. That wig and outfit and those contact lenses? It’s all a tad nightmare-inducing.

Drew Barrymore as M3GAN in her TV talk show.
CBS/Universal Pictures

Allison Williams was a good sport for going along with the whole bit for as long as she did. Drew probably came up with this whole thing for a chance to do the M3GAN dance, and we get it. We have a feeling every celebrity is going to want a part in the eventual M3GAN sequel. The 21st-century successor to The Twilight Zone’s Talky Tina is just that popular with everyone. But hopefully, that job goes to Drew. She’s clearly a big fan of the film. Plus, she worked with horror icon Wes Craven in the original Scream. Maybe it’s time she had another equally iconic horror movie scene with another deranged killer.

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