Drew Barrymore Honored SCREAM’s Legacy on Her Talk Show

What if Scream‘s Casey Becker had lived? That’s the question behind a fun new segment from The Drew Barrymore Show. The actress who played Casey celebrated Scream‘s legacy on her new talk show, starting with this clip that imagines Casey in 2020. And yes, she still has the same haircut and sweater.

Poor Casey. She just can’t get rid of Ghostface. Even in an alternate timeline. But this time, she at least avoids death by simply ignoring Ghostface’s call. In Scream, if you recall, Casey dies within the first fifteen minutes of the film for not heeding the same advice. Texting really has made things much easier.

Drew honored the iconic horror franchise in other ways, too. She gathered much of the cast from all four films to discuss various topics. How did their characters die? Actors like Henry Winkler and Sarah Michelle Gellar weigh in on the matter. Individual videos featuring cast members like Rory Culkin and Elise Neal also dig into some behind-the-scenes Scream trivia. If you’re a big Scream fan, we definitely recommend checking out each video. They’re a lot of fun and it’s great to see the cast again.

Ghostface holds a bloody knife in a scene from Scream 2.Dimension Films

Barrymore also posted a hilarious dance video on her talk show set. The TikTok-style video also includes none other than Ghostface. These two really can’t get enough of one another. And we’re here for it!

It’s a shame Casey died so abruptly in Scream. I mean, it did give us one of the most iconic horror movie openings ever. But it robbed us of the chance to see Drew in the upcoming fifth film. We have a feeling she’d have a blast returning to that universe. But that’s alright, because favorites like Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox will be back. We’re always excited for more Scream!

Featured Image: The Drew Barrymore Show

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