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M3GAN Will Stalk Again, Sequel Slated for 2025

If there’s one thing horror fans love, it’s an icon they can root for. And root they have! Early and often. One of the first theatrical releases of 2023, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster’s M3GAN has made a whole heap of cash and its titular robotic moppet has marched into the hearts of fans everywhere. Kind of like a mix of the Terminator and Chucky in the guise of a little girl. Except M3GAN is way saltier and likable. (She did nothing wrong!) And those myriad successes have allowed the studios to announce a sequel. M3GAN 2.0 will drop January 17, 2025. Two years to master that dance, friends.

The evil robot toy M3GAN stands menacingly inside an elevator

We learned the info from The Wrap who report the whole band will be back together for M3GAN 2.0. Stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw will return, with the original film’s screenwriter Akela Cooper penning the script. Williams will produce with Atomic Monster founder James Wan and Blumhouse founder/CEO Jason Blum. The movie has made over $91 million in its two weeks of release against a $12 million budget. That is a hefty win for both Blumhouse and Atomic Monster. Cooper and Wan co-wrote Wan’s 2021 nutso horror flick Malignant, so we hope this means we’ll get a sequel where M3GAN has to fight Gabriel, the back-of-the-head evil of twin. We can dream, can’t we?

The first film followed Cady (McGraw) having to stay with her aunt Gemma (Williams) following the tragic death of her parents. Luckily for the young, grieving girl, her aunt is a robotics genius who has made a life-size robot toy prototype who learns from a child its paired with. That robot is, of course, M3GAN, who takes it upon herself to protect Cady, physically and violently if necessary. And it’s necessary a lot of times.

We look forward to M3GAN (2.0) and her murderous exploits in two years’ time.

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