Dr Pepper Reveals New Creamy Coconut Flavor in Time for Summer

It is hard to believe, but it’s nearly summer. That means it will soon be time to lounge around the poolside, taking in the sun, and sipping on a frosty beverage. Well, this year you’ll have a new soft drink to choose from as your soda of choice. This year, Dr Pepper is going a little bit tropical. Thanks to USA Today, we learned that Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut and Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut Zero Sugar will be arriving this summer. Both will start rolling out at retailers starting May 1 and will be available through the end of July. You can check out images of the new Dr. Pepper Creamy Coconut cans below.

Soda can designs for the new Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut flavors.
Dr Pepper

What Does Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut Taste Like?

As of now, the new Creamy Coconut remains the only coconut cream-flavored dark soda on the market. Although we imagine if this takes off, others will soon follow. Dr Pepper plans on selling their new Creamy Coconut flavor in 12-oz 12-packs, and also in 20-oz bottles. In a statement, the soft drink company says that its newest flavor “brings together the perfect combination of the original 23 Dr Pepper flavors with layers of tropical coconut flavor and a delicious, creamy finish.” Hopefully, folks like this one as much as their Strawberries and Cream flavor last year.

Where Can You Buy Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut?

Although there’s no official product tracker available for Dr Pepper’s Creamy Coconut flavor, you should be able to find it at most stores. Target, Walmart, and more all carry this coconut Dr Pepper.

Is This New Dr Pepper Flavor Here to Stay?

The new coconut flavor will arrive not too long after Dr Pepper partnered with Coffee Mate to create a new coconut lime-flavored creamer. It’s a creamer designed to be mixed with Dr. Pepper to create dirty sodas. (Can we think of another word besides “dirty soda?” Because that phrase is just gross.) This creamer, which combines “refreshing coconut and zesty lime flavors” is also a limited-time offering. Of course, if these new coconut flavors stay popular with consumers, it’s possible they go beyond just seasonal. But at least for summer 2024, you’ll be able to drink a new coconut drink to go with your coconut tanning lotion. Sounds perfectly relaxing to us.

Originally published on May 1, 2024.

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