Coffee Mate’s Dirty Soda Creamer Is Designed for Dr. Pepper

When you hear “Coffee mate” your first reaction is to probably think about coffee, right? It would be weird if that wasn’t your initial (and maybe only) association. The word “coffee” is literally in the brand’s name, and the company makes flavored-creamers designed to go into your coffee. It’s a coffee compliment! Well you might as well forget about all of that at the moment, because for a limited-time Coffee mate is going to be a Soda mate. Coffee mate’s special new Dirty Soda Coconut Lime Flavored Creamer is specifically made to mix with Dr Pepper.

A bottle of Dirty Soda Coffee mate Creamer next to a can of Dr. Pepper and a glass of dirty soda
Coffee mate/Dr Pepper

What Is Coffee Mate Dirty Soda Creamer?

If, for some bizarre reason, you don’t think Dr Pepper already packs enough flavor into every sip, you will soon be able to add even more. Coffee mate has teamed with gamers’ soda of choice on a way to spruce up the legendary cola. Coffee mate Dirty Soda Coconut Lime Flavored Creamer (which we first heard about at People) is designed to enhance “the unique blend of 23 flavors in Dr Pepper for the ultimate dirty soda experience.” As the title suggests, we assume this creamer tastes of coconut and lime.

Where Did Dirty Soda Even Come From?

If you want to thank/blame anyone for this product, head to Utah. That’s the original home of the “dirty soda,” a drink that has expanded its presence around the U.S. the last few years. The dirty soda even led to that unsettling Pepsi Christmas commercial with Lindsay Lohan.

Where Can You Buy Coffee Mate Dirty Soda Creamer?

But where can you even buy this dirty soda creamer concoction? Well, Coffee mate’s Dirty Soda Creamer will arrive on grocery store shelves nationwide this month. No exact date is noted, but Coffee mate shares, “Available at grocery stores nationwide for a limited time, beginning in March 2024.” So, this product might already have hit your nearest store. We’d probably gamble on finding this dirty soda creamer in Wal-Mart, if we had to make a bet.

As a Coffee mate buyer who loves trying the company’s new flavors, I recommend grabbing a bottle fast if you hope to get one. The company’s best limited-releases have a tendency to sell out very quick. And this Dr. Pepper Dirty Soda Creamer will only be available while supplies last.

After that we can all go back to thinking about “coffee” when we hear “Coffee mate.” Though we doubt any of us will ever forget the company’s brief foray into being a (dirty) soda mate.

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