Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer Team Up in a New Story (Exclusive)

Do you hear a whinny? It’s Bad Horse calling for the return of Dr. Horrible. Dark Horse Comics is going back to the realm of wacky heroes and villains for a new one-shot comic, Dr. Horrible Best Friends Forever. The title features the partnership you never saw coming: Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer. Yeah, it looks like it goes about as well as you’d expect. Joss Whedon‘s penning the 32-page story; it features art by Jose Maria Beroy and Sara Soler and colors by Dan Jackson.We have an exclusive look at a couple of pages from the issue, and let’s just say that Captain Hammer hasn’t changed. At. All. Wormworms. Honestly, dude? The expression on Dr. Horrible’s face says it all.Though Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog came out in 2008 (no, we can’t believe it’s been so long ago either), I can hear the voices of Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion in my head as I read these pages. I still have my fingers crossed for an on-screen reunion one day, but until that happens, I will gladly read any stories I can get in the Dr. Horrible world.And before you go: check out the cover by Fabio Moon: Plus the variant cover by Francesco Francavilla: Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever will be available wherever you buy comics on November 14. Will you be signing up to follow Bad Horse and learn what’s next for Horrible and Hammer?

Images: Dark Horse Comics

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