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One Dog Owner Is Doing Her Dog’s Hair a Different Way Every Day

Creativity is hitting people in all sorts of unique ways during this time of quarantine. The coronavirus pandemic is keeping people at home, and they’re getting inventive. One couple made a whole tiny art museum for their gerbils. Another couple, Hannah and Adam Heil, manifest their creative bug by giving  giving their Newfoundland dog Hank a new hairdo with an accompanying outfit every day. (via Bored Panda). You can’t stop genius.

Hannah and Adam changed a lot of things about their day-to-day lives to adapt to new shelter in place orders. They are sometimes unable to work through the day thanks to spotty wifi. So what do they do when their internet is acting up? Well, they dress up Hank, of course. Hannah made an Instagram account for Hank, and he already has over 10,000 followers. Hank is winning over the hearts of many. Hannah told Insider , “Hank is a classic Newfoundland. He’s very much laid-back and loving. I mean a total couch potato. That’s what he is. He’s just a wonderful, snuggly dog.”

With that kind of temperament, he’s the perfect dog to test out new hairstyles on. Let’s take a look at some of the winners, shall we?

This first look is simple enough, with just a hairstyle. No outfit, but still adorable with a dash of funk.

This look with a roll of toilet paper was a real conversation starter when the toilet paper shortage of three weeks ago was all anyone could talk about.

With a namesake nod, Hank pays tribute to undoubtedly his favorite Tom Hanks film, Castaway.

Self care is important, just ask Hank! With this relaxed look, he doesn’t seem phased by all the social distancing going on around him.

It seems Hank sure is a movie buff. Here he pays tribute to the Spielberg classic, E.T. Hope he brought his Reese’s Pieces!

For his most recent look, he’s really channeling the king of quarantine: The Dude himself.

We can’t wait to see what Hank and the Heil family put together next!

Featured Image: Kelsey/Flickr

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