Surprise! Tom Hanks Joins SNL At Home

In 45 seasons of  Saturday Night Live, there has never been an episode like Saturday Night Live At Home, a quarantine edition entirely done remotely. Cast members contributed sketches from the safety of their own houses. It was a weird episode for a weird time. It was also exactly what we needed. Plus it was pretty good! And it had the perfect person to kick things off, one of the all-time best hosts and survivor of COVID-19, Tom Hanks. But as he wasn’t the only highlight, here the the best sketches from the episode.

Tom Hanks Hosts

A perfect surprise was followed by a perfect introduction. Tom Hanks crushed it with an hilarious monologue and followed that with a classic Q&A with the “audience.”

And his appearance really was a surprise.

RBG Workout

Protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg at all costs. And also Kate McKinnon, whose RBG workout made for a fantastic quarantine sketch.

Zoom Office Call

The current lifeblood of office’s across the world presented the perfect opportunity for a group sketch. While Alex Moffat parodied one of the most annoying figures in many Zoom conference calls, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon’s meltdowns as confused secretaries were the real highlight.

Bernie Sander’s Address

The king of social distancing Larry David appeared as Bernie Sanders to address the nation about suspending his presidential campaign. It was the best political moments of the night.

Timothée Chalamet’s MasterClass

We really loved Chloe Fineman’s round of celebrity impressions, which included Timothée Chalamet’s MasterClass on Fashion, TikTok tutorials from JoJo Siwa, and Carole Baskin teaching bike riding.

Bailey’s YouTube Show

Weekend Update regular Bailey appeared in her own sketch, with her own YouTube Channel where she offered her particular brand of “awkward” movie reviews.

Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles

Good: this cartoon imagining the Ninja Turtles as middle-aged suburban dwellers. Bad: hit a little too close to home.

Twitch Channel

Mikey Day’s sketch as a frustrated gamer on Twitch perfectly incorporated our self-quarantine lives into a timely sketch.

How Long Will You Go?

This online game show sketch asked a question some people are probably asking themselves right now: how low would you go for some human contact right now?

Visualizations with Aidy Bryant

We could have watched 90 minutes of Aidy Bryant visualizations.

Best Easter Sketches

As a bonus NBC also shared a compilation of all-time great Easter sketches, which includes Michael Keaton’s all-time great sketch.

Hal Willner Tribute

There was one somber note from the night, when the cast, both past and present, paid homage to the show’s longtime musical producer Hal Willner who passed away recently. It was a moving tribute.

And it was also a reminder why SNL was done at home in the first place. We need to keep each other safe. Especially RBG.

Featured Image: NBC

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