Bored Couple Makes a Tiny Museum for Their Gerbils

Welcome to the ever exclusive, extremely high brow The Gerbil Museum, population two. Via This Is Colossal, creative London couple, Filippo Lorenzin and Marianna Benetti decided to make something while stuck at home. When they reached their 14th day of the stay at home order, they did what any independent curator who works at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum but is currently in quarantine would do: they built their two pet gerbils an art museum. Obviously.

Their little gallery has gone viral. People can’t get enough of this very cute, well executed idea. The duo created the miniature gallery space for their two nine-month old adorable gerbils, Pandoro and Tiramisù. Their human parents spared no expense or detail to create the art museum of every gerbil’s dream. It includes everything from the wood floors common for any large art museum, to QR codes at the bottom of each painting. That way the gerbils can scan and learn more about the artist. They even installed teeny, tiny benches for Pandoro and Tiramisu. Aww! They can rest their teeny, tiny paws after a long day of taking in breathtaking art.

Throughout the gallery they displayed famous paintings such as, “The Kiss,” “The Mona Lisa,” “The Scream,” and “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” These renditions all have gerbil subjects, of course. Despite signs that clearly say “Do Not Chew,” the guests adopted their own set of rules. They chewed everything in sight.

Although the two gerbils did not adhere to the strict policies, the couple explained that “they much enjoyed the display and paid close attention to the quality of the gallery’s props.” Art should be for everyone, and everything, especially in these dark times. Lorenzin told The Art Newspaper, We hope this will make people who are stuck at home recall good memories in museums and encourage them to support institutions in such uncertain times.”

Featured Image: mariannabe

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