Worship The Dude With a THE BIG LEBOWSKI Religious Statue

As far as mantras go “The Dude abides” is one of the most appealing, which is why some fans of  The Big Lebowski consider Jeff Bridge’s bowling-loving stoner to be more than just an iconic character. They see him as a modern day prophet, which is why he spawned a real(ish) church known as Dudeism, “the slowest-growing religion in the world.” Now, like other religious figures, you can worship him in your own home, with a 1:6 scale graven image of a multi-armed Dude deep in thought. And yes, he comes with his very own rug to tie it all together.

Worship The Dude With a THE BIG LEBOWSKI Religious Statue_1
Image: Etsy/DappledLightStudio

Well, it’s just like, our opinion, man, but this resin kit from the Etsy shop DappledLightStudio (that we came across at Geekologie), is far out. It features a Hindu-esque, four-armed, Jesus-like Dude with his long hair, beard, and robe, sitting cross-legged as one arm holds a White Russian, another holds a joint, and the other two hold a bowling ball.

Worship The Dude With a THE BIG LEBOWSKI Religious Statue_2
Image: Etsy/DappledLightStudio

The Dude Abiding Kit ($135), handmade from urethane resin, requires some assembly and minor cleaning up of some seams, and it also includes a custom-made rug, based on the one that went missing at the start of the film, for him to meditate on. You can paint the figure or let it roll out of there naked, but we like the how it looks in white. It gives it a more mystical, timeless feel, like it’s the statue of some ancient prophet who showed us the key to a happy life, because really, that’s exactly what it is. Sadly, it’s already sold out, but maybe renewed interest can prompt another run.

Worship The Dude With a THE BIG LEBOWSKI Religious Statue_3
Image: Etsy/DappledLightStudio

All hail The Dude, man.

Which room in your house would this statue help tie together? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: DappledLightStudio

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