This DIY Shuri Barbie Is Absolute Perfection

Everyone loved Marvel’s latest, Black Panther. And while there was a lot to love in that movie, one of the best characters in that film was absolutely T’Challa’s younger sister, Shuri. At only 16 years old, Shuri is one of the most intelligent people in the entire world and a total STEM icon. The amazing tech that she has created in her lab in Wakanda is absolutely breathtaking, she’s funny, kind, and super stylish. Basically, she’s totally the girl you want to have on your team when you’re going up against bad guys.

And since Marvel is a part of Disney, as princess of Wakanda, Shuri is technically a Disney Princess. So it’s a bit ridiculous there isn’t a solid Shuri Barbie on the market, right? Well, one clever crafter over at the YouTube Channel My Froggy Stuff decided to fix that and released a DIY tutorial to make your very own Shuri doll. The doll mashes up a few of Shuri’s iconic looks and added a bit of a twist on her gorgeous white dress. However, the doll is absolutely stunning, and would absolutely make Shuri proud.

One of the most amazing things about this video is the expert craftsmanship that went into creating this doll. The patience and skill that went into changing the doll’s hair alone–not even styling it, just switching the type of hair used on the doll–is just amazing. This doll looks like it was professionally made, and paired with the DIY lab she creates to go along with the Shuri doll, this is a true collectible.

It’s not surprising, as this isn’t the first amazing craft/DIY video that My Froggy Stuff has made. From other dolls to accessories and more, this woman has the skill and imagination to create some truly amazing projects. We love the creativity she’s exhibited in creating this gorgeous doll, and it’s even cooler to see her make toys that celebrate women that young girls can look up to.

What do you think of My Froggy Stuff’s Shuri doll? Have you ever tried to customize a Barbie? Tell us about it in the comments!

Feature Image: My Froggy Stuff

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