A BLACK PANTHER Fan Broke Her Retainer Because of Her Thirst For Michael B. Jordan

By now, most of us have seen Black Panther. It’s an absolutely brilliant movie filled with amazing, talented actors. And if we’re honest, it’s also filled with loads of really, really attractive people. One such individual is Michael B. Jordan. Jordan has a lot of kickass scenes in the movie, but there is one particular scene where his character, Erik Killmonger, takes his shirt off to battle to become king of Wakanda. If we’re all being honest, that scene shook a lot of us, but for one movie viewer, the thirst she felt in that moment gave her near super-human strength.

As BuzzFeed reports, Sophia Robb, an 18-year-old young woman from San Francisco was so overcome with thirst for Jordan in that moment that she literally snapped the metal in her retainer. But I mean, who can blame her right?
If you’ve had any kind of orthodontic work done on your teeth, you know that you’ve got to work really hard to just accidentally break your retainer without the help of a particularly pernicious food or getting hit in the mouth by something. However, the scene gave Robb powers beyond her own understanding and managed to do just that. Apparently, when Jordan took off his shirt, Robb pressed her tongue against her permanent retainer and clenched her jaw so hard that it caused the metal to snap right off of her teeth.

But let’s get real, who among us hasn’t destroyed a piece of orthodontia after seeing our celebrity crush on the big screen, am I right?

Understandably, Robb was worried about reporting this story to her orthodontist. And while it ultimately went fine and she shared a good laugh about it with her orthodontist, she later happened to notice a post that went semi-viral on Tumblr. The story told in the post sounded…quite familiar. Upon further inspection of the Tumblr post’s creator, Robb noticed that the poster was none other than her own orthodontist. Robb wasted no time in letting the internet know what happened.

It didn’t take long for the post and Robb’s reaction to come to the attention of Michael B. Jordan himself. Obviously flattered (and maybe slightly intimidated over the superhuman strength that Robb is apparently only just realizing she has) Jordan followed Robb back on Twitter and even offered to help her out with her…unique and unexpected orthodontic expenses.

It’s a tale as old as time. Girl sees boy in movie, girl snaps her retainer clean out of her mouth powered solely by her sheer thirst, and boy pays for the replacement retainer. Romance!

What is your favorite online celebrity/fan interaction story? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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Feature Image: Disney/Marvel

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