DEVO’s Selling $50 ‘Energy Dome’ Face Shields

DEVO, the new wave band that will forever remind us it’s a beautiful world we live in, has just opened an online shop featuring energy dome face shields. And while the stylized face shields are definitely pricy at around $50, who doesn’t want to have their dome energized? Especially if it protects their faces from nasty, incoming aerosols.

DEVO's Selling $50 'Energy Dome' Face Shields_1


Laughing Squid picked up on DEVO’s new online shop, which was just announced on the band’s various social media platforms. The shop is launching with the mantra, “FREEDOM OF CHOICE IS WHAT YOU GOT. FREEDOM FROM CHOICE IS WHAT YOU WANT.” The band notes that this is a reference to the “strident warning” it delivered on the title track of its 1980 FREEDOM OF CHOICE LP. FREEDOM OF CHOICE was released in May of 1980, and the shop’s opening marks its anniversary.

Although the DEVO store sells T-shirts and regular energy dome caps, its real focus is on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The PPE items, all inspired by the band’s style and branding, include those spectacular energy dome face masks, as well as a couple of different cloth face masks. DEVO notes that “Unlike most choices we are given you can choose to have both mask designs!” The band adds that “You win either way as we try to stay safe and avoid mean Covid 19’s invisible spray!”

As far as what the actual band is up to, unfortunately, DEVO says that “the Coronavirus pandemic squashed any DEVO 2020 concert plans for the time being.” In the meantime, however, fans are finding plenty of ways to keep the iconic energy domes in the zeitgeist.

What do you think about DEVO’s PPE shop? Are you ready to score yourself an energy dome face shield, or would you prefer to go with something a little more basic? Use your freedom to comment below!

Feature image: Club DEVO 

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