SUPER CUTE YULE LOG Celebrates The Season With Adorable Animals

‘Tis the season for an overabundance of all things jolly, sparkly, and holiday related. There’s no shortage of ways to celebrate this time of year—movies, TV shows, books, festivals, lights, trees, parties, delicious food, and tons of traditions. Sometimes, it feels like it is too much of a (mostly) good thing. But, one thing that there can never be enough of is animals doing funny stuff. And if anyone can combine pets and holiday greatness, it’s Animal Planet. This year, the network is replacing the good old Yule Log with their ridiculously cute Super Cute Yule Log special featuring a few fuzzy friends. It’s time to let pets show how they celebrate the season!

Super Cute Yule Log will air throughout the morning on Christmas Day with a full hour of animals doing wonderfully adorable things. Animal fans can also catch the special on Animal Planet’s Go App in case they are busy that morning or want to keep the furry fun on a continuous loop. If A Christmas Story can be played for 24 hours straight, then Super Cute Yule Log can certainly get the same treatment, right? This is a completely judgement free zone where you can fully indulge in your animal obsession.

Super Cute Yule Log may not be appealing to those who have an affinity for the less adorable animals in the world like snakes, spiders, and other crawly living things. But the lovers of fur will surely find something in this special that will make them crack a smile.

Do you love dogs? If so, you will squee over sleighs of fluffy pups and dogs with stuffed dreidels. It’s nice to see this special give a nod to Hanukkah because it never gets quite enough love in TV specials. This time of year honors a lot of different faiths and traditions, so Animal Planet gets a big thumbs up for making this season feel a lot more inclusive.

Cat lovers will see cuddly kittens all decked out in their finest holiday gear. And, there’s a box of bunnies to really amp up the delight. There will also be goats running around to seasonal tunes and a full parade that is sure to be delightfully disorganized because, well, animals don’t always take direction well. Yay for goats and bunnies! Goats and bunnies are great!

It’s all the joy you will need as you snuggle up on the couch with a warm drink, a blanket, and hopefully nothing to do but veg out for most of the day. And, if this day isn’t so relaxed and cheerful, Super Cute Yule Log can be the bright spot in an otherwise blah day.

Get ready for a fun hour of animals wandering all over the Super Cute Yule Log set filled with stockings, trees, and bows to bring a ton of cheer. Animals are truly the greatest gift of all and none of us really deserve their awesomeness.

Image Credit: Animal Planet/Super Cute Yule Log

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