Here’s a Wonderful Minute of David Tennant Cursing

The proverbial void is no longer a void, because it’s no longer empty. It’s now full of the screams of everyone who wakes up each and every day, looks at the state of the world in 2019, and yells, “What in the actual **** is happening?!”

All that vulgarity is not necessarily a bad thing though. Research says cursing really does offer some physical and psychological health benefits, including easing your pain and helping to promote your ideas. If you don’t want to only rely on swearing, however, laughing is also a pretty good way to deal with the existential horror of a planet in a race with itself to find out if we will all drown or burn first.

But if you really want something that is both cathartic as well as entertaining, this one-minute compilation of David Tennant cursing is ****ing perfect.

But, uh, obviously this is super NSFW.

“Alexa, play on a loop forever.”

This wonderful bit from Twitter user @tennantsjodie is exactly what we need right now. It’s a hilarious clip that makes us laugh while also expressing how we feel far too often nowadays. But beyond what it does for us, it also shows why David Tennant is a world-class vulgarian.

Anyone can drop an F-bomb or something even more obscene into their speech willy nilly, but it takes a true artist who understands the power of language to turn a phrase like “****ing hell” or “oh bollocks” into something that has the emotional weight of a Shakespeare monologue. And yes, it also helps he’s Scottish.

Those ****ers don’t need a void for their yelling. They turn their cursing into poetry.

Featured Image: Amazon Studios

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