Young David Harbour and Patton Oswalt Looked Just Like STRANGER THINGS’ Steve and Dustin

David Harbour and comedian/famous nerd Patton Oswalt are friends in real life. Oswalt once helped broker a very public meeting of the Hellboys between Harbour and the imposing Ron Perlman, when there was some potential animosity over the franchise being rebooted. In short, Harbour must really trust Oswalt to be there for him during difficult situations, just like Dustin and Steve trust each other on Stranger Things. In fact, EXACTLY like Dustin and Steve. As it turns out, when the two actors were younger, they looked just like the fictional characters.

Twitter user Trevor White made the amazing discovery that the two real life friends once resembled Hawkins’ unlikeliest duo. In his younger days, David Harbour rocked some Steve-like salad, an amazing cascade of luscious locks. And Patton Oswalt looked exactly like Dustin with his mop of hair and big dorky grin. (Those ’80s style eyeglasses only make him look more like Dustin.)


What kind of super nerdy greeting do you think those two would have shared?

As of this writing, Harbour has not responded, possibly because he has been too busy being introduced as part of the Black Widow cast at Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con Hall H panel. You know who really would have geeked out over that news? Young Patton Oswalt.

And also old Patton Oswalt, who himself found this comparison as amazing as we do.

He might not look like Dustin anymore, but he’s still a huge nerd. The real question, is what happened to David Harbour’s hair? Steve’s ’80s look is timeless.

Featured Image: Netflix, NBC

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