Dave Grohl Talks STUDIO 666 and UFOs on HOT ONES

When you have a new movie coming out you do what you can to promote it. And with the Foo Fighters’ horror-comedy Studio 666 arriving in theaters this month the band’s frontman Dave Grohl finally—and fittingly—made the terrifying plunge into the fiery depths of Hot Ones’ Hell. Those spicy wings opened up more than his nasal cavities. In between shots the two-time Hall of Fame musician discussed the origins of his band’s new supernatural film. Grohl even shared how his love of UFOs inspired the Foo Fighters’ name.

Hot Ones host Sean Evans said that after Gordon Ramsey appeared on the First We Feast series Dave Grohl was the most requested guest. Grohl didn’t disappoint either. After teaching us all how to make Pantera’s pre-show cocktail, Grohl explained the origins of Studio 666. It started when he was demoing new music in a creepy old house. That unsettling home inspired the idea for Studio 666, which sees the band move into a haunted house to record an album. While there Grohl becomes possessed and starts attacking his fellow band members.

Only, a funny thing happened on the way to making a cheap, low-budget film. People started throwing real money at it. As a result, the band ended up making what Grohl says is a real “f***ing movie.” (No kidding! John Carpenter wrote the theme. And he also has a cameo!)

Dave Grohl as a guest on Hot Ones, he discusses how his love for UFOs gave the Foo Fighters their name and also Foo Fighters' horror comedy movie Studio 666.
First We Feast

After getting deep into—or rather high up on—the Scoville scale, Grohl also explained how the name Foo Fighters came from his lifelong obsession with UFOs. He was a self-proclaimed UFO expert as a kid. Grohl’s love of UFos even led him to the term “Foo Fighters,” which he found in the book Above Top Secret.

We know we’re going to see plenty of demons in Studio 666. But maybe we’ll also see some aliens too. No matter who shows up to haunt the band, though, we recommend not mixing hot sauce with anything Pantera would drink. Not unless they also have a film to promote.

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