Dave Grohl Explains How John Carpenter’s STUDIO 666 Cameo Happened

For some people, like the Foo Fighters, being prolific is not enough. The band decided it was no longer content with only being a wildly popular, hugely successful, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame enshrined band. So they went out and made their very own horror-comedy feature film, Studio 666. To the surprise of no one, it looks pretty good. It will also feature a perfect cameo from another prolific artist who knows something about both horror and music. John Carpenter not only appears in the film he also wrote the movie’s theme song. And Dave Grohl explained that happened because the Foo Fighters did something nice years ago.

Dave Grohl plays the guitar. John Carpenter plays the keyboard
Foo Fighters/ CBS

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, the Foo Fighters’ front man told the unlikely story of how The Thing director got involved with the band’s film. Studio 666‘s lighting designer, Dan Hadley, worked with Carpenter previously and suggested the group reach out to Carpenter about making a cameo. Grohl sent Carpenter an email, but he never expected to get a “yes” from the horror movie legend.

Carpenter did more than agree. He also volunteered to compose the film’s theme. All because 15 years prior, the Foo Fighters took Carpenter’s son’s band on the road and treated him “so well” during that tour. Talk about paying it forward.

According to Grohl “everyone got the chills” when they heard the song composed by Carpenter and Daniel Davies. “Everyone practically had tears in their eyes,” he said. “And we looked at each other and said, ‘How on earth could we be so lucky to have such an incredible experience?’”

That feeling didn’t go away when Carpenter arrived on set to shoot his cameo. “He was wonderful,” Grohl said. “Everyone was in awe.” So are we. It doesn’t matter how prolific you are. Nor how successful you are. Getting John Carpenter to be a part of your horror movie is impressive for anyone, even the Foo Fighters. But especially when it was all possible because of your own kindness.

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