Foo Fighters’ Horror-Comedy STUDIO 666 Shares Sneak Peek

The Foo Fighters recently earned induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. An honor they celebrated by rocking out with Sir Paul McCartney himself. That’s not merely a good day or even a great month. That’s something you can coast on for years if you want. Hell, you can retire off that. But Dave Grohl and his bandmates clearly have no interest in resting on their laurels. Nor do they seem interested in only being a legendary musical act with tens of millions of devoted fans. Turns out the Foo Fighters spent two years making a secret horror-comedy. And now they’ve shared the first teaser for STUDIO 666. It features plenty of music, mayhem, and monsters.

The first glimpse at the Foo Fighters foray into featured films is short, but long on scares. This teaser (which we first saw at Deadline) has flying band members and demonic possession. Cursed books and terrifying ghouls. Ans spooky spirits and Will Forte. Studio 666 looks like it will be jam-packed with horror movie staples.

There will be plenty opportunity for fun too. The film will see “what happens when the legendary rock band rents an Encino mansion steeped in grisly rock and roll history, to record their 10th album.” Trouble will arise when Grohl finds himself stymied for ideas. As both “creative juices” and “blood” will begin to flow when “evil forces in the house sink into his consciousness.”

Dave Grohl with pitch blak eyes from the Foo Fighters horror-comedy Studio 666
Foo Fighters

Directed by BJ McDonnell (Hatchet III, Slayer: The Repentless Killogy), Open Road Films will distribute the film, which is getting a wide release. STUDIO 666 will open in more than 2,000 theaters next year on February 25.

If the Devil shows up in it we have a guess as to whom might play the beast.

The Foo Foghters poster for their horror-comedy STUDIO 666
Foo Fighters/Open Road Films

The band shot the film, which is based on Grohl’s idea, in a house that is now proving to be a sacred spot for Foo Fighters’ fans. It’s the same home where they recorded Medicine at Midnight. The album hit stores at the start of this year. We don’t remember anyone suffering a grisly death during the making of it. But we’ll listen to it again just to make sure.

Where the movie ends up ranking among all-time great film’s starring bands remains to be seen. As does how well it will do at the box office. But considering the kind of success the Foo Fighters have always found, and the fact they refuse to stop working so hard, we bet it ends up being a killer movie.

This post originally published November 8, 2021.

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