Dave Grohl Singing with His Daughter Is Always Amazing

We don’t know for sure that Dave Grohl has everything figured out completely. But it certainly seems that way. From playing in two all-time great bands to standing up for what he believes in, in the funniest way possible, to having public drum duels with young musicians and absolutely killing cameos in movies, he always seems to be living his best life. However, there’s nothing the Foo Fighters’ leading man does better than hitting the stage with his daughter Violet. The apple didn’t fall far from that musical tree!

Anytime you go full Dr. Manhattan and grow tired of the internet and these people, just search “Dave and Violet Grohl.” You’ll find many songs the pair have played together. The most famous might be their beautiful 2018 acoustic rendition of Adele’s “When We Were Young.” You don’t have to be a parent to love this. You don’t even have to know they’re father and daughter. Violet’s vocals alone make it special.

Dave Grohl plays a guitar on stage while his daughter Violet sits behind a mic singing
Luciano José Gargiulo

Of course, knowing that’s her dad playing for her makes it so much better. And no one seems to enjoy listening to her more than her famous father. The two have hit the stage together numerous times. That included earlier this year when Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic joined them for a cover of X’s song “Nausea.”

As much fun as those performances are, though, the greatest is when “the best singer in the Grohl family” sang her dad’s most famous Foo Fighters hit, “My Hero.” No small feat at a normal concert, let alone to a massive audience at the Leeds Festival.

Warning: prepare for goosebumps. Maybe a few teary eyes too.

Now that is a perfect video. Exactly the type of video you can watch anytime you need a reminder that the internet can be a pretty cool place. And also a great way to live your best life too.

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