Artist Offers You the Fanciest Avocado Toast Ever

Millennials take heed; avocado has transcended the toast. Now the fruit lives on as an art form. At least, it does in the hands of Daniele Barresi. This Syndey-based artist is a world champion carving designer. He employs his skills on many mediums. Among them, the hallowed avocado.

Even if they never buy a house, millennials can now use avocados to propose. If they haven’t destroyed the institution of marriage yet, that is. Perhaps they can use it to propose to their true love, lattes. Either way, we can’t let this avocado art go to waste.

Daniele Barresi's avocado art carving used as a proposal vessel for a ring

Daniele Barresi Artist

Of course, Barresi carves more than just the divine avocado art. He shares on his website:

What began as fruit carving has evolved to include a range of materials including soap, vegetable, cheeses, foam, and resin, with many more mediums he is eager to explore.

Basically, if it’s soft, Barresi can transform it into a masterpiece. Even the most ordinary of things, such as broccoli, become something unique in his hands. Here is a piece of broccoli carved into a magical design.

And a pumpkin that has completely transformed. We sure couldn’t do that for Halloween.

Even the potato finds its most beautiful form.

Though the fruit blows our minds, we also are very fond of the idea of these spectacular soaps.

Because if there exists one thing millennials love more than avocado toast, it’s fancy bath products. Though the bath bomb never fails, a spectacularly carved soap has a much different feeling to it.

We especially love this soap fish. But let’s be honest, we’d never use it, even if we did somehow get gifted something so well-made.

Barresi sells some of his art on his online store (Not his avocado art, of course.) Though it doesn’t look like there’s any soap for sale, Barresi’s beautiful resin works are on offer. His Instagram regularly updates with more exciting creations.

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