These Molds Turn Pumpkins Into Frankenstein’s Monster’s Face

Although it’s not quite Halloween there’s never a bad time to include even more Frankenstein (and yes, we know Frankenstein was the scientist and not the monster, just roll with this) in your life. And not just as a Guillermo del Toro multi-part franchise either. You can have Frankenstein on your pumpkins in a way that’s much more cool than a mere carving. In this case Frankenstein’s monster is the pumpkin. Jim Seamons of Cache Valley Giant Pumpkins in Benson, Utah shows us one great way to get more “monster” in your day-to-day and it’ll get you out in the sun. And we all know how important vitamin D is.

Boing Boing picked up on Seamons’ Frankenstein pumpkin videos (above and below), which the “king of giant pumpkins” recently posted to TikTok. Seamons, a farmer in Benson, has seen his Franken-pumpkin videos go massively viral. The clip above of him showing how he makes his monstrous winter squash, for example, has already garnered more than 24 million views.

To make the festive Frankenstein heads Seamons notes that he uses plastic molds from As Seamons shows the molds beholding the visage of the monster shape any vegetable that grows inside of them. In this instance as Seamons’ pumpkins bloom the molds squeeze them into the shape of the monster’s face. Then all the farmer needs to do is unscrew the nuts and bolts holding the plastic molds in place and tada: Franken-pumpkin.

Three large orange pumpkins molded in the shape of Frankenstein's face.

For those who want to explore more ways to mold pumpkins we recommend checking out And this isn’t a paid ad or anything. We just want to see more shaped vegetables in our lives. Square watermelons, skull-shaped pumpkins, fruit that looks like soccer balls… All the unusual shapes, please. After all, we need something to make them more palatable and exciting.

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