Cat Has Very Own Custom Fish Tank with Inside Viewing Box

Look, we’ve all watched cartoons. So we all know one indisputable fact: you can’t own both fish and cats. Otherwise, at some point your feline friend will dive into the tank and eat all the fish. The cat will then get the bowl stuck on their head. It’s hilarious, yes. But it’s also dangerous, for all of the animals. If you want to keep both pets in your home though, one animal-lover has found the perfect way for them to coexist. Jasper the cat has his very own custom-made aquarium. It features a built-in viewing box that lets him safely get up-close and personal with his aquatic siblings.

A cat sticks its head into a viewing box in an aquarium next to a wide shot of the cat doing so

“Jasper the Cat Fish” has one sweet setup. His owner Melissa recently ordered the adorable kitty a pretty incredible fish tank from Aquatics & Exotics in Cincinnati, Ohio. The unique piece (which we first learned about at Bored Panda) has an open space below the tank. It’s big enough to hold a cat bed so Jasper can even nestle away when he likes. But the real fun takes place above the opening. The aquarium has a 360-degree viewing square. It lets Jasper stick his head up “inside” the tank so he can admire the fish without endangering him or the fish.

The whole thing is even cooler than it sounds. And you can see why thanks to Jasper’s very own TikTok and Instagram pages which feature videos of him admiring the many fish he shares a home with.

Don’t worry about the fish’s emotional well-being either. Jasper’s owner Melissa says her fish hardly take notice of the cat. Which is the perfect way to make sure any cat knows they will never get a chance to eat you. Which is really best for all animals involved. The last thing we want is a cat running around with a belly full of fish and a fishbowl full of a cat’s head.

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