DEATH AT THE DIVE BAR Is Like a True Crime Binge in a Box

You listened to every episode of My Favorite Murder. You binge watched the entire new season of Unsolved Mysteries in one night. You’re ready… to Hunt A Killer! If you want to tackle a fictional mystery without waiting for the clues to be slowly revealed, rejoice. There’s now an all-in-one experience just for you. Hunt A Killer: Death at the Dive Bar is a complete mystery in a box packed with clues, props, and a harrowing tale of foul play. Put that detective hat on and let’s dive in!

Hunt a Killer: Death at the Dive Bar box

Hunt A Killer

You might already be familiar with Hunt A Killer‘s fictional murder mystery subscription box. Sign up to get clues every month (or faster, if you’d like). Then you can watch the story unfold with the help of high quality props and peripherals that add incredible detail. Death at the Dive Bar is a similar experience but with everything you need in just one box.

Unlike the monthly boxes or other tabletop games, Death at the Dive Bar has no turns and no real rules other than not peeking at the included solution. Simply crack open the box and begin sifting through the clues to piece together what happened that fateful night. The goal is to find the suspect with the means, motive, and opportunity to kill the proprietor of a local tavern. His death has been ruled an accident by the police, but his loyal friend and employee knows there is more to the story. You and your fellow players take on the role of the investigator assigned to the case.

The non-linear gameplay makes this more of an experience than a game. However, Death at the Dive Bar is still a solid option for an informal game night with just a few players. If your friends and family tend to chat more than play when you gather to game, this Hunt A Killer story might be the perfect way to spend an evening.

Hunt a Killer: Death at the Dive Bar notes

Hunt A Killer

That’s right. We said friends and family. Even kids as young as preteens can join in the fun. The props don’t include any gruesome crime photos, and the tale that unfolds isn’t graphic. There is, of course, murder, but you already know if your young detective can handle a story that serious.

Death at the Dive Bar takes about an hour to play and can even be enjoyed solo. If you’re looking to treat yourself or you’re already on the hunt for the gift to give the mystery fan in your life, Hunt A Killer‘s all-in-one mystery box will slay this holiday season. Find it online at Target and Amazon at a retail price of $29.99.

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