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Do you truly love a good mystery? If you’ve already listened to every true crime podcast out there, you might be looking for another regular way to add a little more thrills and chills to your life. Enter Hunt A Killer, an episodic murder mystery that arrives at your door once a month. (Or more frequently, if you’d like!) Take on the role of detective and solve the fictional crime from the comfort of your living room alone or with your family with the items you find inside. And did we mention you can even order a murder board of your very own?!


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Kelly Knox

Inside the Hunt A Killer subscription box you’ll find finely crafted clues, collectibles, and more to immerse you in the detective story. You’ll receive six boxes in total before you have everything you need to uncover the killer. Determine the murder weapon, eliminate suspects, and eventually, you’ll catch the culprit. At the end of each episode, email your P.I. boss for an instant response to see if you got it right.

Hunt A Killer combines both physical clues and digital ones to create an experience that will keep you thinking long after you send that email. The box components are almost unbelievably detailed, down to the smallest drop of ink.

Hunt a Killer

Kelly Knox

Not only are there several boxes per mystery, there’s more than one mystery to uncover, called seasons. The current season, “Curtain Call,” re-opens a fictional cold case from 1934 that immediately captures the imagination. You’ll find yourself reading through newspaper articles, flipping the pages of theater materials, solving a coded message, and even poring through an autopsy report to determine what happened to a promising young actress who tragically disappeared. (And that’s just the first episode.)

The first season created, “Class of ’98,” is set in modern day but is also packed with nostalgia. Hunt A Killer impressively recreated a high school yearbook, complete with cheesy captions and awkward candid photos, just to immerse you in the mystery. And it works. Physical components are also complemented with online clues to form a complete picture of what happened on the fateful night.

Episodes can range from half an hour to multiple hours, depending on how hard you look at the clues before sending in your guess. And hang on to those clues—not all of them will come into play in your current investigation, but may be important in a following episode!

Hunt A Killer is like playing an escape room without leaving your house. Whether you’re a fan of a good mystery, escape rooms, or just playing a good game, you’ll find this subscription box immediately intriguing. If you’re looking to escape boredom indoors, Hunt A Killer is an incredibly fun and easy way to bring the mystery to you.

There are currently there are no delays in signing up or shipping during the quarantine period. Hunt A Killer will keep members informed if this changes.

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