New UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Is Already Receiving Credible Tips

Netflix’s reboot of Unsolved Mysteries is already proving to be quite popular. The show, based on the long-running true crime program famously hosted by Robert Stack, dropped its first six episodes last week. In the brief window of time since then, it catapulted to top trending spots and, more importantly, wielded credible tips from viewers.

According to USA Today, Netflix already received “ 20 credible tips” about the cases presented in the show. Executive producer and co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer told the publication that when new information comes to the prompted website,, “we pass them on to the appropriate authorities.” Three of those tips were passed onto the FBI, and included possible information about the deaths of Alonzo Brooks and Rey Rivera, and the disappearance of Lena Chaplin.

Unsolved Mysteries Logo 2020.Netflix

One of the conceits of Unsolved Mysteries it that it presents an unsolved case and asks the audience for help with any leads. If you’re familiar with the original series, this often led to updates within the show: discoveries of murderers, reunions with separated family members, any new information uncovered in the time since original airing.

We don’t know if the new series plans to offer updated information, but it seems likely—should any conclusive evidence come to light—given that it will drop the final six episodes of the season later this year. That’s not a ton of time to solve mysteries that have gone on for years, but who knows; maybe, just maybe, we’ll see that familiar “update” logo flash across the screen in future installments.

Rey Rivera and his wife as seen on Unsolved Mysteries.Netflix

We’re hooked on the new Unsolved Mysteries and would love to learn more information. Will someone from Rey Rivera’s past step out of the shadows? Will we find out who really killed Patrice Endres? Will Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès ever be found?

If you have any information about any of the mysteries featured in the first six episodes of the new Unsolved Mysteries, you can bring it to

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