Creepy Crawly LEGO Walking Machine Belongs in a Horror Movie

We love LEGO. They let you create an infinite number of things. We’ve seen LEGO meals, LEGO flowers, LEGO ASMR, and even Thor’s LEGO hammer. But this latest creation from JK Brickworks has a bit more of a sinister edge to it. We wouldn’t exactly call it a LEGO car, although it can get around pretty well. This creation is more of an eerie LEGO walking machine. And we don’t particularly like to imagine what this LEGO vehicle could get up to if it had wheels. Something the way it shifts its weight seems uncanny and a little menacing. If you ask us, a bigger version of this monstrous LEGO creation would feel right at home in a horror movie.

Up and over, its body goes. Up and over. We are backing away slowly. We can just imagine the menacing creak of this LEGO machine following us on a dark night. Especially if it had any kind of weapons attached to it, or worse, a face. Although, doesn’t it look like it’s looking at you already?

JK Brickworks shares:

Design breakdown for my unconventional, impractical, and completely awesome LEGO walking machine. Based on the Bear Mobill toy from Bandai, produced in 1987, a trolley drives along the inside of the loop, causing it to continuously flip over.
Creepy LEGO vehicle is not quite a car, but a walking machine out of a horror movie
JK Brickworks

Continuously flipping, the stuff of nightmares. But overall, the design of this LEGO vehicle is pretty straightforward. As mentioned, a trolley drives along the inside of the loop on a set of wheels. The trolley has to be heavy enough to lift the back-end of the machine when it gets to the front or the trick of the build won’t work. If the trolley is heavy enough, it will pull the back end over and set it down as the front and then drive forward again to repeat the process. Pretty nifty… and very scary.

Commentators hope that JK Brickworks makes this design with the LEGO AT-AT set next. And we think that would be pretty excellent. We also think making this walking vehicle into a flipping LEGO car would be neat. Imagine if it could go fast?

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