LEGO Food Gets Deliciously Cooked in ASMR Stop-Motion Montage

I like cooking, but a meal is so much more enjoyable when you don’t prepare it yourself. It’s infinitely more relaxing to sit back and wait for a delicious dinner to arrive than it is to do all the work yourself. It’s hard to lose yourself in an entree entirely when a sink of dirty dishes waits, you know? But there is a way to turn a kitchen into a serene sanctuary. It just doesn’t involve real food. You can find culinary comfort with this stop-motion ASMR montage of LEGO food being “cooked.”

The YouTube channel I like home has turned LEGO builds into animated zen. It transforms those little bricks into alluring plastic recreations of food in spectacular stop-motion videos. This super clip features three previous releases. That includes a stop-motion LEGO salmon ASMR video we told you about previously. It follows the channel’s LEGO coffee and macarons video. That starts things off on a sweet note. And while a fantastic fish dish is a great lunchtime option, it’s this video’s dinner that has us drooling.

This stop-motion video ends with a massive LEGO BBQ, which features a gigantic piece of meat still on the bone and cooking atop an open campfire. We know this meal is merely plastic pieces crafted with incredible skill. And yet we want to eat it all the same. Well, that is if we don’t fall asleep first. This LEGO stop-motion video’s soothing sounds make us crave a nap just as much as a meal.

A giant LEGO piece of meat on the bone and spitted over a LEGO fire from a LEGO stop-motion ASMR video
I like home

Of course, the best part about this video is how, like a great meal someone serves us, we didn’t have to make it ourselves. We just got to sit back and enjoy it. And whether you’re talking about real food or LEGO food, it’s always much more satisfying when you don’t have to do any of the cooking or clean up afterward.

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