Crabs Attempt Great Escape on Bahamian Luggage Carousel

Warning: The YouTube clip below was shot with a cell phone, in portrait mode. While watching the video, you may experience feelings of frustration, or temptations to comment about how this video was shot in portrait mode. Please be advised.  

Some crabs fell out of a box on a luggage carousel in an airport in the Bahamas, and basically, sometimes there’s real-life Mad Libs and you just have to roll with the (adj) sea life (noun) baggage claim. Besides, nobody was hurt, and one guy, apparently, even managed to stop with his foot what could’ve become that night’s dinner!

United Press International reported on the carrousel de crabes, noting that the incident occurred at the Lynden Pindling International Airport, which is the “fourth busiest airport in the Caribbean,” according to its own website. It’s unclear, however, how much of that traffic is in fact crustaceans.

In this case, some crabs fell out of a box onto the carousel, turning this little airport into a total… scare-port. Or maybe not: Most of these people seem to be having a pretty good time catching crabs at the airport.

All kidding aside, these spilled airport crabs are only the latest entry into a long series of instances where animals have found a — often times gruesome — way of escaping their cages through some twist of fate. Like these slime eels that were ejected from this turned-over truck for example, or Inky the octopus who escaped from his aquarium and slunk out to a bay through the drainage system. Or how about… Citizen Snipssssssss?! No, wait, that was Futurama.

All of this begs the question: Is Finding Nemo happening all the time in real life? Are all these captured animals constantly trying to slip the bonds of man with insanely clever and circuitous plots of escape?! How can we possibly know the truth?! Let us know what you think in the comments below. And say something about the portrait footage, because we know you have to.

Images: YouTube / ViralHog

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