Cotton Candy Oreos Are Back This Summer After Almost a Decade Away

It’s summertime. And that puts us in mind of beaches, boardwalks, and sweet treats. And now, at least for the summer, you can enjoy the sweet taste of cotton candy and its perfect pastel presence without all the mess of sugar staining your fingers. Cotton Candy Oreos are back to celebrate the hot weather. And honestly, they must be good because they’ve remained fan favorites even though they’ve been gone for almost a decade.

Some Oreo flavors and ideas come and go. But Cotton Candy-flavored Oreoes arrived on shelves in April 2015, and fans haven’t stopped asking for them since. Literally, some Cotton Candy Oreo fans say they’ve been thinking about these cookies every day for the last eight years.

Well, we can’t argue with that. And neither can Oreo because the cotton candy flavor is back, baby!

The official description of this Oreos shares:

Nostalgia, commence! OREO Cotton Candy sandwich cookies are officially returning to shelves for the first time in nearly a decade, available this June wherever OREO is sold while supplies last. Inspired by the iconic carnival treat, this limited-edition cookie features a delicious golden OREO basecake double-stufed with side-by-side pink and blue cotton candy flavor creme.

Cotton Candy Oreos available this summer

These pink and blue cookies will be available for purchase beginning on June 5. And we have to say, of all the Oreo flavors we’ve seen out there, these are also definitely the prettiest of the bunch. So we’re glad to have them back. And with such a following, we’re really hoping these Oreos also taste good. But there’s only one way to find that out for certain.

In addition to cotton candy, Oreo has also brought back its S’moreo Sandwich Cookies for the summer. S’more’s flavored, or is that themed, Oreos also make good sense. We’ll be glad to take a bite out of both of these.

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