This Coronavirus ‘High Hide’ Is Pure Genius

Who remembers that crazy treehouse fortification, the “high hide,” from The Lost World: Jurassic Park? Who else really wanted one? Because engineer and YouTuber, Colin Furze, has built something very much akin to the high hide, albeit with the intention of keeping himself quarantined from COVID-19. And the good news for people who have always wanted an IRL version of the elevated people protector is Furze’s version looks like it cost about $100 to build.

Like many other major YouTubers, Furze, who’s previously engineered numerous contraptions that look like they were specifically built to sever limbs or endanger spines, is using his enormous internet reach to inform people on how to quarantine effectively in the face of the current pandemic. And while for some that’s meant cute videos with faux germs and kids, for Furze, that means making a “Corona Virus [sic] Isolation Box” that can be suspended about 40-ish(?) feet in the air.

Furze’s Isolation Box comes fully equipped with everything a person needs while in maximum hermit mode, including a shower, a “toilet,” a place to sleep, and a microwave. A microwave on which you can play video games. (By the by, Furze really made that gaming microwave, and why it isn’t a retail product yet is a mystery of the highest order.)

This Coronavirus High Hide Is Pure Genius_1

Furze’s quarantine shower. 

Although the Coronavirus Isolation Box is of course a joke, there’s still a lot of good advice in the video in terms of how to keep your hands clean and how to keep yourself busy while not coming into physical contact with people. Plus, now that we’re genetically cloning animals, can bringing back T-rexes from extinction really be that far off?  We need to think about all the potential dangers that face us, people!

The high hide! 

What do you think about this coronavirus hideout? Does it make you want your own high hide, or do you prefer to stay grounded during these immensely turbulent times? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Images: Colin Furze 

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