Please Don’t Wear This Spinning Belt of Knives

We’ve seen some pretty wild and potentially hazardous knife-centric devices, like a DIY electric-heated blade, and that giant robot with eight-foot knife arms. But leave it to the mad genius Colin Furze to come up with a contraption that makes those look downright safe. The craziest engineer in the world might have just made his most dangerous machine ever: a spinning belt of cutlery.

We know we should never be surprised by anything Colin Furze makes, since most of his contraptions are totally insane—for example, his thermite launcher; a three-story, 360-degree swing; a homemade Hulkbuster that shoots flames—and yet his latest build still seems too nuts even for him. He made a wearable, motorized eight-knife belt that spins at 1,000 RPM. It’s sharp enough and fast enough that it can easily slice up some vegetables for the world’s most needlessly complicated salad.

What. Is. Wrong. With. Him? Does he realize that no matter how talented and careful he might be, it’s not that hard to slip by accident? Or for something out of your control to go wrong? There’s no way any insurance in the world covers injuries sustained from a spinning knife belt.

Though the truth is it probably doesn’t matter what kind of silverware he uses. Colin Furze would also come up with the most dangerous way to use spoons.

What do you think is the craziest contraption Colin has ever created? Slice and dice our comments section below with the machine you think shows just how mad he is.

Featured Image: Colin Furze/YouTube

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