Here’s How You Can Enable Comic Sans Subtitles On Disney+

Most of us just accept whatever font streaming platforms choose to give us when it comes to subtitles. In fact, many,  like Netflix, don’t have more than one option at all. But as it turns out, Disney+ has several font options when it comes to their subtitles.

This was all seemingly brought to light when  io9 editor James Whitbrook discovered this fun fact, and tweeted out the gruesome immolation of Anakin Skywalker scene from Revenge of the Sith with Comic Sans subtitles. We just can’t help but associate that font with something light and fluffy. I mean, the word “comic” is in very the name, right? Ok, so Disney+ calls it “Casual”, but it is basically Comic Sans. In any event, when you see it play out over more serious scenes, it  all just seems…kinda wrong? But hard not to watch.

So how can you turn on the Comic Sans the same next time you watch this movie? Or alter any font on Disney+? As it turns out, there is an entire subsection on the services that allows one to change how subtitles appear. Not only can you change the font, but also the color and edge detailing, size, and even whether or not the subtitles have a background color behind them. When you enable the subtitles, in the far right corner there is a tool icon that allows you to go nuts with the fonts, and your options look like the image down below:

Here’s How You Can Enable Comic Sans On Disney+_1


But if you want to mess with the subtitles yourself now that you know you can (and why wouldn’t you?), it appears that once can only make changes to the subtitles if you’re watching Disney+ in a browser and not on an app. It seems the font styles also appear differently depending on the device you are viewing them on. So all the bugs for this font business haven’t been worked out yet.

By the way, which changing the font or background to Comic Sans can seem like a lark, there actually is a real life benefit for some people. That font is actually one of the better ones for anyone who has dyslexia; it’s just more readable that traditional fonts. So maybe there is a real method to Mickey Mouse’s madness here we all overlooked.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios/Disney +

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