STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH Is Way Better with Nonsensical Bootleg Subtitles

Say what you will about the Star Wars prequels. Though usually spoken of with scorn, they are Star Wars movies, which means they each did go on to make hundreds of millions of dollars and earn Rotten Tomatoes scores no lower than 55 percent. Nevertheless, there are a good many fans of the franchise who haven’t been able to cope with these films. Even for these folks, though, there’s now a new way to enjoy the prequels, supposing they’re into bad translations.

Via  Uproxx, Youtuber GratefulDeadpool found a Chinese bootleg DVD of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith that features some less-than-perfectly-translated English subtitles. Putting it more bluntly: the subs consistently miss the mark in hilarious ways. The structure of the Mandarin and English languages are very different from each other, so when a subtitles is subject to a direct word-for-word translation, there’s no way it’s going to come out sounding right.Not content with just putting the translated subtitles atop the English language movie, GratefulDeadpool decided to redub the whole movie with these poor translations as the new script, re-titling the project Star War The Third Gathers: Backstroke of the West. Now fans can enjoy one of their least favorite Star Wars flicks as a bizarre, sometimes incoherent comedy. A film in which General Grievous tells his troops to “batter to death them,” or Count Dooku menaces Anakin Skywalker with threats like, “Even since you and I separate, I has been hating you. You are a sacrifice article that I cut up rough now.”

For more sick burns like that, check out some highlights above, or the entire re-done movie below (or here).

Featured image: Lucasfilm

Below, we discuss how Lucasfilm may be handling Leia’s Star Wars IX role

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