Chris Pine Supports Local Bookstores and Steals Our Hearts

The “Best Chris” debate is one that’ll likely never end, because how could it? It’s an entirely subjective argument that is based entirely on personal preference. Who do you love most of the four contenders: Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Pratt? The answer depends on what you look for in a man.

Well, reader, I’m here to tell you that my personal No. 1 Chris has been and will always be Chris Pine. For a myriad of reasons we will soon get into. But let’s start with this most recent development.

There’s a lot to unpack in the above photos. Yes, that’s Chris Pine—ol’ blue eyes himself— out and about in Los Angeles. He’s carrying a hefty bags of book from the local bookstore, Skylight Books. He’s wearing a mask. And he’s poking fun at the paparazzi photographer by mimicking their intrusive camera shenanigans. This is truly a smorgasbord of delightfulness.

And this isn’t the first time Pine has made the argument for Best Chris. His career does a lot of the work for him. Yes, he’s the product of nepotism (his parents are both actors; you might recognize his dad from CHiPs), but he’s used his privilege and good looks to carve out a fascinating body of work. In addition to blockbuster fare like Star Trek, Pine has peppered his career with projects helmed by women and people of color. In fact, out of his last six film roles, only one was directed by a white dude.

Chris Pine in Into the Woods surrounded by hearts.Walt Disney Pictures

He’s also not afraid to play second fiddle to women. Three of his latest big-budget features—the two Wonder Women films and A Wrinkle in Time—have him in supporting roles, with powerful, intelligent women at the center. It may not sound like a big deal, but in a business built on ego, it’s refreshing to see a man taking on big roles that don’t center him in the narrative.

Outside of that, he also loves a challenge. I mean, have you seen Into the Woods? The man can sing and have a lot of of fun while he’s at it. This performance alone catapults him to the top of my Best Chris ranking.

These new photos are just another reminder that Chris Pine is a caring and smart celebrity. All the best Chrises wear masks during a pandemic, after all.

Featured Image: Walt Disney Pictures

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