Chloe Fineman Shows Off Uncanny Elizabeth Olsen Impression on SNL

Chloe Fineman’s celebrity impressions are nothing short of astounding. From tackling perennial internet boyfriend Timothée Chalamet to Drew Barrymore and even Elmo, her impressions know no limits. And on a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, Fineman took it even further. Between the sketch show and her Instagram account, we’ve seen hundreds of celebrity impressions. But this time, Fineman shifted gears to take on her fellow cast members. Well, and also Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness star Elizabeth Olsen.

In “The Understudy” sketch, Fineman reveals she’s not just a cast member. She’s also the understudy for her fellow cast members. This means three minutes of watching her test her impressions of some of the other ladies of SNL. The concept is, quite frankly, genius. Sure, Fineman can effortlessly tackle anyone from Meryl Streep to Britney Spears, but what about Kate McKinnon? Or Melissa Villaseñor? Obviously, she knocks them out of the park.

But the funniest part of the whole sketch is when she pivots to Elizabeth Olsen. Dressed in the classic Scarlet Witch costume, Fineman swoops in on host Benedict Cumberbatch and casually suggests, as Olsen, that maybe Fineman deserves a role in the next Marvel film. But before he can fully process the grand idea, Olsen herself pops in. A classic battle over who the real Elizabeth Olsen ensues, while Cumberbatch looks utterly befuddled.

Elizabeth Olsen looks confused next to Saturday Night Live cast member Chloe Fineman doing an Elizabeth Olsen impression
Saturday Night Live

The whole sketch is Fineman doing impressions of someone in front of them. And it’s really fun watching them respond to said impression. It all furthers the point that Fineman really is that good. Hopefully, Kevin Feige is watching. Should Elizabeth Olsen ever need an understudy—or honestly, someone to do the late-night interviews she doesn’t have time for—it might be a good idea to have Fineman on retainer. Or who knows? Maybe Fineman is the perfect gender-swapped Chameleon. Certainly, something to think about.

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