Two Chihuahuas Without Front Legs Get Prosthetic Wheels

Not everything in life is complicated. Some things are simply good and pure, without any modifiers. Like helping an animal born without its two front legs get around more easily. There is a way to top that act of kindness, though: do it for two of them. Which is what one prosthetics company did for a family’s two young chihuahuas. The pair of adorable dogs each got a set of wheels to replace their missing limbs.

This clip from National Geographic Wild‘s The Wizards of Paws series (which we first came across at Laughing Squid) shows how the excellently named Thor and Turbo Roo got a major assist in getting around. The two dogs are missing their front legs. They learned to move pretty well on their own. But their owners AJ and Ashley wanted to make it possible for the dogs to live more normal lives.

To help, certified pet prostheticist Derrick Campana of Bionic Pets built each dog their own miniature cart. The plastic pieces with two wheels strap comfortably on the dogs’ undersides. With a denim coat to cover their body wraps, they look like two dudes hitting the rode for a motorcycle rally.

Two chihuahuas in little denim coats with prosthetic wheels for their missing front legsNat Geo Wild

Thor took to his quickly. As soon as he got outside he started taking his cart for a test drive. Turbo, though, was reluctant at first. The little chihuahua seemed frozen and unsure of what to make of the device. That’s not unusual. Campana said not every animal takes to their prosthetics. But with a little coaxing and some patience, Turbo finally started to rev up.

Which meant more to Turbo’s owner than just helping out an animal. These pets are therapy dogs for AJ, a veteran with PTSD. They’ve helped him during his recovery. Helping them was his way of giving back. And there’s nothing complicated about that kind of love.

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