Nia DaCosta to Direct CAPTAIN MARVEL 2

Wow! It’s been a long time since we’ve had some really big Marvel news but this evening Disney delivered a bombshell: Candyman and Little Woods helmer Nia DaCosta will take on Captain Marvel 2. It’s a great pick, as anyone who has seen her startlingly powerful debut will know. But in the wasteland of 2020 we were not expecting such an exciting announcement.

Nia DaCosta to Direct CAPTAIN MARVEL 2_1


The first movie introduced MCU fans to Carol Danvers, a cranky alien-powered hero. She was also Marvel Studios‘ first true leading lady–it only took 11 years–and now DaCosta will break new ground as the first Black woman to direct an MCU movie. About time doesn’t cut it, but this is a really intriguing choice that hints at a different tone for the sequel. The first Captain Marvel movie felt like a Phase One film. But DaCosta has a style and power that will lend itself to the more auteur side of the MCU. The films have always thrived when they let directors lead, just look at Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok.

It’s also radical to see a Black director given a movie that deals with a white legacy hero. Of course, the other angle here is that the sequel will rectify one of the biggest mistakes of the original. Captain Marvel essentially ignored the original Black female hero, Monica Rambeau, who held the mantle before Carol. Instead, the MCU gave Carol a tweaked version of Monica’s comic book origin. They hinted that her friend Maria’s young daughter–who also happens to be named Monica–might be inspired to follow in Carol’s footsteps. Perhaps in DaCosta’s hands the first female Captain Marvel will finally get her due?

Carol Danvers in front of a jet


We’re really excited about this news and can’t wait to hear more about the upcoming sequel! Tell us your thoughts on Nia DaCosta in the comments below.

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