BMXers Make a Pogo Bike for Intense Obstacle Course

A group of BMX riders has created something that will make your inner child leap for joy: a pogo bike. The bike, which looks like a BMX bike, but with a pair of pogo sticks for wheels, is quite a monster at springing off the ground. Although doing even a knee-high obstacle course on the contraption is apparently a core workout for the ages.

Professional BMX rider and YouTuber, Scotty Cranmer, recently posted the child’s dream come true above to his channel. Scotty, a winner of nine X Games medals, is not either one of the riders, however. (He’s filming.)

In the video, Matty Cranmer and “Vinny” test out the pogo bike; first learning how to use it in a parking lot. And while the bike does look like a ridiculous amount of fun to use, it’s easy to tell it’s equally difficult; not only does a rider need to keep their balance, but also absorb a lot of momentum with their knees if there’s a stiff landing.

A team of BMXers created a pogo bike and used it for a deceivingly dangerous parking lot obstacle course.

Scotty Cranmer

These facts make using the “metal velociraptor” for an obstacle course—this occurs 10 minutes into the video—all the more impressive. While the course would be trivial for Matty and Vinny on BMX bikes, it’s brutal for them on the pogo bike. Especially Vinny, who burned 800 calories attempting to complete it. And the bed of screws at the end: that’s just the cherry on top of the potential-pain sundae that is the pogo bike.

As for what exactly inspired the pogo bike, we’re not sure. Although it’s clear Scotty and his crew love building bikes that turn the danger factor up to 11. Like the “roller coaster” bike below, for example, which looks like even more fun than the pogo bike. (Although the only way we’d ride it is if we were inside of some kind of super-safe exoskeleton.)

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Feature image: Scotty Cranmer 

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