This Giant Exoskeleton Can Turn You Into a Superhuman Cyborg

Wouldn’t it be nice to be taller? Even if you’re already a pretty lengthy fellow, it would still at least be interesting to be even larger, right? Now there’s a mechanical exoskeleton that is nine feet tall, so you can enjoy being a giant android (via LaughingSquid).

This exoskeleton suit from Japan’s Skeletonics is nine feet tall, only weighs 88 pounds, and when you’re in it and operating it, it’s the coolest puppet you’ve ever used. It mirrors the user’s movements pretty directly, and based on the footage above and below, it appears like it’s not cumbersome to use, and like smooth movement is very possible. Perhaps the best part is that it doesn’t use electricity or motors of any sort, as it’s a mechanical kinetic energy exoskeletons, meaning that all the movement is human-powered.On the product website, Skeletonics explains (translated from Japanese via Google), “Although it looks like a robot, it does not use electricity, but by adopting a mechanical mechanism based on the patented technique ‘three-dimensional closed link structure,’ the body movement with high degree of freedom is made possible. If you look at the real thing, you will be surprised by the reality of that movement. The movement of the limbs of the wearer is reflected directly, and everyone can not help excitedly feeling that they move swiftly despite the huge body.”
Is there something on the top shelf that you just can’t reach? Boom, not a problem anymore. Is there a playground bully that you’re looking to intimidate into backing off and leaving you alone? Step into your giant exoskeleton and they shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Want to play a giant robot version of basketball? The technology may not be quite that advanced yet, but if you’re ever in a position where you have access to a bunch of these exoskeletons, then give it a go and report back about what happens.What would you use this exoskeleton for? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

Featured image: Visual Gaiden

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