Nintendo’s Ring-Con and RingFit Aim to Get You in Shape

Last week Nintendo released a teaser video for some kind of ringed contraption that could be used in conjunction with the Switch and provide “a new experience” for users of the gaming console. Now, Nintendo has released a full video outlining what the contraption is called and what that “new experience” entails. Mii people of the world, let us introduce you to the Ring-Con and RingFit Adventure.

Nintendo has a track record of encouraging game players to get up and get active while racing, playing sports, and bonking baddies. Anybody who’s ever played Wii Sports or had a Wii Fit knows that you can indeed break a sweat while staring at a screen and jumping around in the living room. With the Ring-Con and RingFit Adventure game featured in the video (via Engadget), it looks like Nintendo wants to up the increased-heart-rate ante with a setup that encourages more full body movement, as well as more engrossing gameplay.

Players will use the control setup by attaching one of their Switch controllers to their leg with the leg strap accessory. It’s just a strap you put around your leg; don’t worry.  Next, the player holds the Ring-Con, which pairs with the other half of the Switch controller. The leg-strapped controller detects the movement of a player’s legs, while the Ring-Con becomes a bendable controller band. You squeeze it, swing it, and set on the ground in order to detect upper body movements and applied pressure.

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In RingFit Adventure, players will take on a body building dragon named Dragoth (not sure of the spelling), and use their whole bodies to explore the RingFit adventure world, battle enemies and achieve different milestones. Manipulating the Ring-Con translates to movements like running, paddling, flying, and jumping in the game, and Nintendo highlights the fact that the whole game will be played without pressing buttons.

As far as the actual gameplay, it looks like players will be running around different levels, collecting coins, shooting power-up boxes, traversing different terrains, and leaping over logs. You fight the baddies in turn-based battle, with moves calling for different exercises on the player’s part. There will also be mini-games, which, again, will call for lots of bodily movement.

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Nintendo says that the Ring-Con and RingFit Adventure will be “a natural way to enjoy regular exercise,” which is great, ’cause escaping from our mortal coil with video games really should involve some kind of corporeal activation from time to time. Nintendo says that the Ring-Con, RingFit Adventure, and leg strap accessory  (in one package) will be available on October 18 of this year. As of this writing there is no word on pricing.

What do you think of the Ring-Con and RingFit Adventure? Do you like this method of staying active or do you prefer good ol’ fashion non-gaming-related exercise? Let us know in the comments!

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