See First-Person What It’s Like To Ride Bike Through Various Parts of Tokyo

Traditionally, the only way to see first-person what it’s like to pull off amazing BMX bike tricks in Tokyo, Japan is to practice BMX bike tricks very hard for many years, then go to Tokyo and do them. Things are a bit different today, though, since we can experience this, minus the tangible actuality of it, by watching the latest video from pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester.

This video, the third in his Go! series, is shot from a first-person perspective and sees him getting on a plane bound for Tokyo before arriving and beginning his adventures. The whole thing is edited very smoothly so each scene transitions seamlessly into the next and the action never stops. He does everything from pull tricks in the streets to visit a bike shop to pose for a photoshoot to sumo wrestle… let’s just say he really made the most of his time in Japan.Sylvester isn’t a traditional BMX star in any sense. He doesn’t compete in events—he’s never taken his wheels to the X Games — yet he managed to start a bike company with Pharrell by riding his bike a lot and using the power of the internet to raise his profile. It’s no wonder he’s doing so well, because videos like the one above really show that BMX, a pretty niche sport with an intimate but passionate fan base, can pull in a broader audience if it’s presented creatively.

Our new favorite BMX rider previously took the Go! series to New York City and Los Angeles, so check out those clips below.

Featured image: Nigel Sylvester Live

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