BLUE’S CLUES’ Steve Just Got a TikTok Because He’s Really Cool

Move over Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet, and Tom Holland. There’s only room enough for one modern-day It Boy and it’s clearly Steve from Blue’s CluesAfter breaking the internet with a stirringly informational speech to us all, then putting it back together with a hug, Steve is back again. And this time. Yep. You guessed it, Steve from Blue’s Clue has a TikTok. How could anyone be ready for this?

So far, Steve has only shared one video. But that one video has really taken off, and Steve has 447.8 thousand followers at the time of this writing. We feel good about the chance of more videos coming our way. In his first video, Steve shares he honestly has no idea what TikTok even is. And asks for… clues, as it were, from the audience to help him out. But many episodes of Blue’s Clues have taught us Steve has a good head on his shoulders. We’re sure he’ll figure it out.

And honestly, we kind of dig that Steve is a little clueless. It really is adorable. And totally relatable. We also absolutely love his username, hioutthereitsmesteve. Though Steve didn’t bring his trademark shirt to TikTok, it definitely feels like the good old days. Maybe in one of his next videos, Blue can make an appearance. Or we can go looking for clues of some sort. We’d all love that.

Steve from Blue's clues with a huge phone and Steve from Blue's Clues on TikTok

It remains to be seen what exactly Steve will do with his TikTok. But considering Blue’s Clues featured a huge landline phone when it first began, this clash of modernity and nostalgia continues to be a fun one.

Hopefully, next time Steve will sing, “We just figured out TikTok, we just figured out TikTok, we just figured out TikTok because we’re really smart.” (And wouldn’t we all love to get to sing that one.)

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