BLACK WIDOW Reactions Say Long-Delayed Film Was Worth the Wait

After a decade and several delays, Natasha Romanoff‘s solo foray is officially upon us. Black Widow not only exists, but the movie is finally coming out in just a few short weeks. And the first critics have already seen it! The initial reactions from the film are trickling in and it seems Natasha fans can breathe a deep sigh of relief. Those who watched screeners indicate the film was absolutely worth the wait, and does right by the beloved Avenger with a checked past.

Natasha and Yelena on a motorcycle

Jay Maidment/Marvel Studios

Here’s what first reactions say:

Nerdist‘s Hector Navarro was among those praising the film, praising the new character additions and making a very subtle plea to Marvel for more Black Widow films. (A Black Widow trilogy, maybe? I certainly don’t see why not!) Our very own Dan Casey also had the chance to view the film, and while he says it was far from perfect, there’s a lot to love and it was certainly long overdue.

Black Widow fans have waited years to see Scarlett Johansson take center stage. And while Florence Pugh is praised for her scene-stealing turn as Yelena Belova, rest assured this is still Natasha’s—and Johansson’s—film.

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With about two dozen projects under its massive umbrella, the MCU is a genre-jumping franchise, with entries shifting from comedy to horror to espionage thriller depending on what the central hero and their story calls for. As for Black Widow, that falls towards the latter category, per critics, who compared the film to several high-action thriller movies (with varying intents). As far as the MCU goes, they found it along the same vein as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, fight scenes and all.

/Film‘s Hoai-Tran Bui noted that the film may have been better-served as a Disney+ series. A sentiment Laura Sirikul echoed deeper in her reaction thread.

Well, with these responses, it definitely seems like Black Widow is a must-see for MCU fans (as if that was ever in question)! The film lands in theaters and Disney+ Premier Access on July 9.

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