Though the shape of Hollywood might be changing we still can’t wait for the return of the heroic slackers, Bill and Ted. Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves are returning to the roles that made them famous. And now you can join them! Writer Ed Solomon shared on Twitter today that fans can submit videos that might be included in Bill & Ted Face the Music!

The awesome fan-participation project is called “Party on with Bill and Ted.” To get involved you can visit the official website and submit your own video rocking out. As Ed Solomon explained, any fan can submit a video of themselves playing along to the demo track. The raddest thing of all is that your video could end up in the movie! We love the track which features the voices of Reeves and Winters and a catchy riff. If this is where the sound of the Wyld Stallyns is going, we’re excited!


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Fans have been waiting for the third entry into the series for decades. So, what better way to celebrate that passionate fanbase than by including us in the movie. Though we can’t know for sure this is giving us some “ God Gave Rock n Roll to You” vibes.  If you remember the iconic ending to Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Face the Music centers on the pair’s quest to write the song that saves the world. And once they do maybe these videos will be included in the montage of how much the song moves people? It would be a great nod to the final of Bogus Journey and a cool way to include loads of fans!

However the movie ends up using the videos this is a great at home project for fans. After all who doesn’t want to be a part of one the coolest franchises of all time? If you want to get involved head to party on with Bill and Ted dot com and get started!

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