Keanu Reeves Just Can’t Escape Russia in New SIBERIA Trailer

Thanks to the John Wick movies, Keanu Reeves is currently enjoying a resurgent career as an action star. But not every role taken by Reeves can be as deadly or as capable as Mr. Wick. In the upcoming thriller, Siberia, Reeves plays Lucas Hill, a diamond merchant who has traveled to Russia in order to close a deal with Boris Volkov (Pasha D. Lychnikoff); a man who may be a powerful figure in the local criminal underworld. If Lucas can’t deliver on his promises than he may not make it out alive. In the trailer below, Lucas gets some very bad news about his rare blue diamonds, and it could cost him everything.

It seems clear that Lucas didn’t initially intend to scam Volkov, but his friends left him high and dry with high quality fake diamonds that he needs to pass off as the real thing. Fleeing the country may seem like a good option, but Lucas has also formed a romantic relationship with Katya (Ana Ularu), the owner of a local cafe. If Lucas runs, Volkov and his men will almost certainly kill Katya before pursuing him as well. The trailer teases Lucas’ decision to stay and fight for his life, but he appears to be badly outmatched from the start.

Molly Ringwald, Rafael Petardi, and Aleks Paunovic round out the cast of Siberia; which was directed by Matthew Ross. It will be released on Friday, July 13.

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Image: Saban Films

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