Comics-Accurate X-Men Costumes We Want to See in DEADPOOL 3 in Addition to Wolverine’s Suit

It’s official! After 23 years, Hugh Jackman will finally wear his comics-accurate costume in Deadpool 3. Although the first X-Men movie made a snarky remark about yellow spandex costumes, fans have waited forever to see Logan in the world-famous outfit on-screen. But with news of Jennifer Garner’s Elektra joining the cast as well, it seems likely that the Marvel Multiverse rumors about Deadpool 3 are true. We can’t confirm anything, but we would not be shocked if several of the Fox-era X-Men appear in this film alongside Logan. And if they do, the X-Men deserve comic book-style costume upgrades too, to properly pay homage to their Marvel Comics origins. But which X-Men comic costumes should appear in the MCU’s world? And just how comics-accurate should these costumes be? Here are the X-Men we’d love to see in the MCU and the suits and costumes we’d love to see them wear.

Cyclops’ Blue and Yellow Costume Should Join Wolverine’s Suit in Deadpool 3

The Cyclops costume designed by Jim Lee in 1991, and the one worn briefly in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse by actor Tye Sheridan. We'd love to see this Marvel comics accurate X-Men costume in the MCU.
Marvel Comics/20th Century Fox

Scott Summers, the X-Men member whom you may know as Cyclops, has had literally dozens of costumes in the comics. While we love Cyclops’ ‘70s/’80s blue costume, with the skullcap and the pirate boots, we believe it would be a hard one to pull off on screen in the MCU. For many, his most iconic costume is his ‘90s Jim Lee-designed one, used in X-Men: The Animated Series. We almost got a version of this costume in a Marvel movie, as it was teased for a moment at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse. Of course, by the time of the next film, Dark Phoenix, Cyclops was wearing yet another suit. If James Marsden shows as up as Cyclops in Deadpool 3 or Secret Wars, we think a proper version of his ‘90s X-Men costume is in order for the MCU. Although with a more accurate color scheme than the X-Men: Apocalypse one that Tye Sheridan wore. That’s a good place to start.

We’d Love for Storm’s Epic Cape to Take Flight in the MCU

Storm's early 90s comic look, designed by Jim Lee, and Halle Berry as Storm in the first X-Men film.
Marvel Comics/20th Century Fox

For all of the major diversions costume-wise in the first X-Men movie, the costume worn by Halle Berry as Storm is pretty close to what the Marvel Comics presented. (That first wig, though? That’s another story). While we are partial to Ororo Munroe’s original costume designed by Dave Cockrum, we do think it would be hard to justify the headpiece, leather swimwear, and thigh-high boots in live-action. But Storm’s ‘90s look, designed by Jim Lee, is perfect to wear on screen. This costume is very similar to the first X-Men movie costume, only this time, we would want the MCU’s version to have yellow accents and the red X symbol on the shoulders. Sometimes in the comics, this costume looks like black leather, sometimes, it’s all white. We’d happily take either one.

Magnetos Purple and Red Costume Needs to Make an On-Screen Appearance

Ian McKellen as Magneto in the first X-Men film, the Jim Lee version of comics Magneto, and Michael Fassbender as the character in X-Men: First Class. We'd love to see this Marvel comics accurate X-Men costume in the MCU.
20th Century Fox/Marvel Comics

Magneto has one of the best costumes in comics. When Jack Kirby nailed a design, he really nailed it. That’s why Mags had so few costume changes over the interceding decades. But the movies always shied away from going full comics look when it came to the Master of Magnetism’s costume. The closest we ever got in terms of Marvel Comics’ accuracy was the costume at the very end of X-Men: First Class, where Michael Fassbender’s Magneto sported the classic comics helmet and his purple and maroon color scheme. But that was all done away with in the next film, X-Men: Days of Future Past. If Ian McKellen or Michael Fassbender do return in Deadpool 3, then let’s go full Kirby. Okay, maybe without the trunks. But the rest of it? Let’s go. It’s time to give Magneto the costume he deserves in the MCU.

Rogue’s Classic Marvel Comics Yellow and Green Suit Would Make a Splash

Rogue in her '90s Jim Lee era costume from the comics and the animated series, and Anna Paquin as Rogue from the X-Men films. We'd love to see a comics-accurate costume on Rogue in the MCU.
Marvel Comics/20th Century Fox

Anna Paquin’s Rogue was perhaps the most different characterization from her comic book counterpart. She was very shy and unsure of her powers, a far cry from the version most fans knew from the ‘90s X-Men cartoon series. We’ve heard that version described as “Dolly Parton, with the powers of Superman.” And that’s accurate. Rogue has had many costumes in Marvel Comics, most of them green and white. But If Paquin returns, now all grown up, we’d love to see her in the Jim Lee-designed costume from X-Men #1, later made famous by the animated show. It’s really Rogue’s best costume, the bomber jacket just works so well with the suit. This comics-accurate costume is easily translatable to the screen with very few tweaks, and we’d love to see it add a splash of color to the MCU’s X-Men lineup. We’re ready to see this Rogue costume in live-action, sugah.

Colossus’s Bodysuit Is the X-Men Costume the MCU Deserves

Colossus in his early 90s X-Men costume, his 2000s era comics look, and in the Deadpool films.
Marvel Comics/20th Century Fox

Piotr Rasputin, the X-Men’s Russian metal man Colossus, has been a key figure in the Deadpool movies, and is confirmed to return for the third film. As much as we love Stefan Kapičić in the role, that black and red costume is just not very Colossus to us. In Marvel’s X-Men comics and others, Colossus wore a red and yellow costume for much of the ‘70s and ‘80s, with big shoulder flares and thigh-high boots. That was later streamlined by Jim Lee in the ‘90s. Maybe the best version of the Colossus costume was from the Astonishing X-Men series of the 2000s. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine costume seems inspired by Astonishing, so why not Colossus’ suit? We just know it’s time for Piotr to wear the red and yellow. We’d probably give the big lug some pants, though.

Phoenixs Firebird Emblem Should Rise On-Screen

Famke Jannsen in X-Men: The Last Stand, and Jean Grey in the pages of New X-Men. We'd love to see this Marvel Comics-accurate costume in the MCU.
20th Century Fox/Marvel Comics

Jean Grey has been a part of the X-Men since the very first issue in 1963, and has had dozens of costumes since then. Some are iconic, others are fashion nightmares. But while we’ve lobbied hard for the Jim Lee ‘90s costume designs for any possible X-Men returning in the MCU, Jean Grey’s outfit from this era is not a favorite. The shoulder pad armor, the headpiece, the padding on the legs? It’s all too busy. Maybe the MCU could pull off a version of this X-Men costume that works. But we’d prefer something that evokes Jean as Phoenix.

Of course, that means the classic firebird emblem, in yellow and green. We realize the classic Phoenix costume might be hard to pull off in live-action. It would be hard to justify those opera gloves, thigh-high boots, and gold sash. But in the mid-2000s, Jean wore a more practical version of the Phoenix red and green, which could work on screen. With two movies dedicated to Jean Grey not being able to control the Phoenix Force, it would be fun to see Famke Janssen totally in control of her powers in the MCU, and wearing something resembling her New X-Men-era costume.

Mystique’s Comics-Accurate White Dress Is a Costume Long Overdue for Its Debut

Mystique, as played by Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Laawrence, and the comic book Mystique
20th Century Fox/Marvel Comics

Mystique has been an iconic part of the X-Men film franchise since the very first film in 2000. She’s been played by Rebecca Romijn, and later, Jennifer Lawrence. But we think if Magneto returns, then Mystique should be right by his side. And if it’s Ian McKellen’s Magneto, then the original Mystique, Rebecca Romijn, should join him. Rebecca Romijn is currently killing it as Number One on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. And while we think at this point in her career, she probably doesn’t want to spend hours in the makeup chair being painted head-to-toe blue, she doesn’t need to. Because Marvel Comics’ Mystique wore clothes. We’d love to see Mystique’s iconic white costume from the comics appear in the MCU, with the tiny gold skulls. We got a tease of this comics-accurate costume in X-Men: Apocalypse, but the later movies never delivered. This one’s long overdue.

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