The Best Commercials from the 2021 Super Bowl

Yet again, this year’s big game was a rough night for Tom Brady haters everywhere. Don’t worry, though. He has to retire eventually, right? No, seriously. We’re asking because we’re not sure. One thing we are sure of is that, unlike Brady, this year’s batch of pricey promos won’t go down as the greatest of all time. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t still some fantastic ads to enjoy. Here are the best commercials from Super Bowl LV.

The Best Commercials from the 2021 Super Bowl_1Cadillac

“Come Together” with M&M’S

In 2021, normalize apologizing by handing someone a bag of M&M’S. It’s both kind and sweet.

Paramount+ Mountain

Paramount+’s series of commercials—starring the streaming service’s biggest names—ultimately won us over. How could they not when they ended with Patrick Stewart in a tuxedo, drinking a martini made by Stephen Colbert, and dancing on a snowy mountain?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer

The newest trailer for the next MCU show on Disney+ was a big win for everyone. Read more about it—and its many villains—in our dive into the new trailer.

Daveed Diggs Goes Down to Sesame Street

The Hamilton star went to our favorite neighborhood for a fun rap with the Sesame Street gang.

Matthew McConaughey Feels Flat

Doritos 3D announced its return with a funny ad featuring Matthew McConaughey feeling anything but alright alright alright.

Will Ferrell Fights Norway… Almost

An angry Will Ferrell, along with Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina, tried—and failed—to fight Norway in a great commercial for electric vehicles from General Motors.

The Return of the Bud Light Legends

Old Super Bowl commercials never die. Not when they can all reunite for one big promo, like Bud Light’s collection of greatest ads.

It’s Drake—and Paul Rudd—From State Farm

We’re pretty sure we know which person is actually Drake. But good luck figuring out which one is Patrick Mahomes and which one is Paul Rudd.

Bud Light and a Whole Lot of Lemonades

Most ads that focused on the issues of 2020 were somber and overly serious. But Bud Light turned lemons—lots and lots of lemons—into one of the night’s funniest commercials.

Tracy Morgan, Dave Bautista, and the Perils of “Pretty Sure”

Tracy Morgan starred in a series of clever ads for Rocket Mortgage that focused on the dangers of uncertainty. Like how Dave Bautista might beat you up… repeatedly.

Jessica Long’s Story

We know a Toyota commercial is just that, an ad for a car company. But their spot for Team U.S.A.’s Paralympic champion Jessica Long was too good not be moved by it.

Hellmann’s Fairy Godmayo

Amy Schumer served up a funny promo as Hellmann’s Fairy Godmayo, a magical being whose only skill is delivering delicious dishes.

Tide’s Jason Alexander Hoodie

With a totally different song this weird promo would have been an amazing horror movie. But “believe it or not” it worked as a hysterical, strange commercial.

Wayne’s World Welcomes Cardi B

We know Dana Carvey ages, but did Garth just stay the same age? That’s our biggest question after this “shameless” ad also starring Mike Myers and Cardi B.

Fivver Books Four Seasons Total Landscaping

I never heard of Fivver before, but I’ll never forget the company after it turned 2020’s funniest press conference into a hilarious big game ad. Maybe next year I’ll figure out what service Fivver actually provides.

Mila Kunis Gets Away With It

Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Shaggy teamed up to provide people everywhere a new legal defense, in a silly musical Cheetos commercial.

“Edgar Scissorhands”

Wow. It’s not often we want a car commercial to become a real movie. But Cadillac’s “sequel” to Edward Scissorhands brought back Winona Ryder to play Kim Boggs. Only this time she was mom to Timothée Chalamet’s Edgar, in a perfect bit of casting for a perfect ad.

Look-alikes Get to Shine

Michelob Ultra’s “All-Star Cast” wasn’t exactly what it looked like, and that’s what made it so good.

Maya Rudolph, Maya Rudolph, Maya Rudolph, and Maya Rudolph

I still have no idea what Klarna is or does, so not the most successful ad ever. But if you put Maya Rudolph in your commercial you did something right. And when you put her in it four times you make the best-of list.

Michael B. Handsome

Michael B. Jordan made for one good-looking Alexa in Amazon’s ad. It was, predictably, my wife’s favorite.

As I’m sure it was many others. Because the one thing that can unite a fractured country is Michael B. Jordan. That and the fear Tom Brady will never stop winning Super Bowls.

Featured Image: Cheetos/Cadillac/GM

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